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Ask us about our Seasonal Guarantee on all Ant and Bee treatments!

Not all ants and bees are the same. With our extensive experience and knowledge, All Gone Pest Control will identify the species particular to your problem and provide the most effective treatment to rid your home.

Ants are social insects that live in colonies or groups and can have many queens, which could mean millions and millions of ants in one area. Ants feed on many kinds of food sources available in your home including, sugar, protein and greasy foods and often search out water sources within the home in which to nest and colonize.


All Gone Pest Control will treat around the outside of your home and house exterior to create a barrier to prevent nesting, deter infestation and reduce the ant population around your structure. Inside, All Gone Pest Control will inspect your house and place bait strategically to reduce the ant population and prevent them from spreading through out your home.


Bees construct hives in areas that “Scout” bees consider to be good for their colony. Oftentimes these areas are close to dwelling places (pool areas, outdoor sheds, hollow trees, etc.) and can cause a risk to those living near the hive. When agitated, bees can become especially dangerous and the removal of bees and bee hives should be done by a licensed professional.


All Gone Pest Control will treat your home to prevent hives and remove bees quickly and effectively. In the event of an existing hive, contact us immediately to safely remove the hive, prevent additional hive building and further protect your home and loved ones.